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todo template with hard-coded values

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amejiarosario committed Aug 7, 2018
1 parent 599cb51 commit 7dd4f78dc097995d01cb1a87307196f7baecadfc
Showing with 55 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +55 −3 src/app/todo/todo.component.html
@@ -1,3 +1,55 @@
todo works!
<section class="todoapp">

<header class="header">
<input class="new-todo" placeholder="What needs to be done?" autofocus>

<!-- This section should be hidden by default and shown when there are todos -->
<section class="main">

<label for="toggle-all">Mark all as complete</label>
<input id="toggle-all" class="toggle-all" type="checkbox">

<ul class="todo-list">
<!-- These are here just to show the structure of the list items -->
<!-- List items should get the class `editing` when editing and `completed` when marked as completed -->
<li class="completed">
<div class="view">
<input class="toggle" type="checkbox" checked>
<label>Install angular-cli</label>
<button class="destroy"></button>
<input class="edit" value="Create a TodoMVC template">
<div class="view">
<input class="toggle" type="checkbox">
<label>Understand Angular2 apps</label>
<button class="destroy"></button>
<input class="edit" value="Rule the web">

<!-- This footer should hidden by default and shown when there are todos -->
<footer class="footer">
<!-- This should be `0 items left` by default -->
<span class="todo-count"><strong>0</strong> item left</span>
<!-- Remove this if you don't implement routing -->
<ul class="filters">
<a class="selected" href="#/">All</a>
<a href="#/active">Active</a>
<a href="#/completed">Completed</a>
<!-- Hidden if no completed items are left ↓ -->
<button class="clear-completed">Clear completed</button>

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