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Display your most recent Flickr photos on Octopress sidebar
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Octopress Flickr Aside

This is a simple aside for Octopress that uses Flickr API to pull your most recent shots from your photostream.

It was greatly inspired by Gist 1421792 that insert a Flickr banner in the sidebar.

How to use it

First of all you need to copy flickr.html into your octopress installation in the directory source/_includes/custom/asides. Then you need to update the _config.yml file:

  • add 'custom/asides/flickr.html' to default_asides
  • add flickr settings at the end of the file:
flickr_userid: your_user_id
flickr_nickname: your_nickname
flickr_apikey: your_apikey
flickr_count: 5

You can get your Flickr userId using idgettr, while for the apikey you must visit while logged in on Flickr and generate a new Api key.

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