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An audit trail for who's meant to be in the Home Assistant GitHub organization - and a place to open issues for security-problem users
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An audit trail for who's meant to be in this Organisation - and a place to open issues for security-problem users

What is this?

From time to time, we at Home Assistant audit the organization members to ensure only those that are actively contributing to the project continue to have permissions on the organization or repositories, as announced way back in January 2017. Until now, this was a manual process requiring a lot of time spent by actual humans to investigate each persons recent activity, sometimes across more than one repo. This also was pretty error prone as sometimes people were incorrectly removed. Moving forward though, we are adopting a new set of tools named gu-who which help to automate ongoing auditing of organization members.

What does that mean for me?

Now, upon joining the Home Assistant organization, an issue will automatically be opened in this repository which you will be assigned to, instructing you to open a PR to edit the users.txt file to add your username, and have that PR be approved by whoever added you. This way, we have a public audit trail of who was added, when they were added, and why.

What do I need to do?

The issue assigned to you should contain all the instructions, but usually you will just need to add your username to the users.txt file in this repository. Please ensure the list remains alphabetized.

What if I have questions?

Contact @robbiet480 via whatever means you wish.

Powered by gu-who.

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