A Jabber bot that asks you what you're doing and publishes the answers
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» Snippets

This is a Jabber bot that periodically asks registered users what they
are doing, stores the responses in a database, and provides access to
them through a simple web interface.

» Installation

You need the following:

    1. PostgreSQL
    2. Perl modules: AnyEvent, AnyEvent::HTTPD, AnyEvent::DBI,
       AnyEvent::XMPP, DBI, DBD::Pg, HTML::Entities, URI::Escape
       (and all dependencies thereof).
    3. An account on a Jabber server.

First, create the database schema:

    createuser snippets
    createdb -O snippets snippets
    psql snippets -f snippets.sql

Then create a ~/.snippetsrc with the following contents:

    jid = <your jabber account id>
    password = <your jabber password>

If you want, you can specify a different dsn, db-user, or db-password
(the defaults are "dbi:Pg:database=snippets", "snippets", and ""), or
http-port (8889 by default).

Finally, just run snippets.

» Operation

Add snippets's jid to your Jabber roster. Snippets will subscribe to
your presence and send you usage instructions. You can then send it
messages telling it what you're working on. If enough time passes
without an update from you, it will inquire politely.

You can access the web interface at <http://your.ip:8889/>. It will show
you a list of subscribed users, with links to the messages received from

» Support

Contact the author at ams@toroid.org by email or Jabber if you have any
questions or trouble getting this program to work.

Abhijit Menon-Sen <ams@toroid.org>