A web-based MIDI editor and modular synthesizer built using WebAssembly and WebAudio
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Sketch Template

This directory is designed to be used as a template for sketches. It contains a minimal set of scripts, config, and other boilerplate to create a WebAssembly web application with Rust, wasm-bindgen, and Webpack.


You must have several tools installed in order to use this template:

  • The Rust programming language: https://rustup.rs/
  • The wasm32-unknown-unknown target: rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
  • wasm-bindgen-cli: cargo install wasm-bindgen-cli
  • wasm-gc: cargo install wasm-gc
  • wasm-opt: Clone https://github.com/WebAssembly/binaryen and follow install instructions there
  • NodeJS and Yarn


If you prefer, you can build sketches via docker to avoid manually installing all of the dependencies. Simply run the docker_build_all.sh script. Please note that the Docker image is very big (>1GB).

Building Sketches

After you've copied the template to a new subdirectory, all you have to do to build the sketch is to install dependencies by running yarn in the project root followed by running the build_all.sh (docker_build_all.sh if you're using Docker) script. This will handle compiling the Rust project into WebAssembly, running wasm-bindgen-cli to generate TypeScript bindings, optimizing the generated Wasm binary, linking it into the frontend, and generating a static site output in the /dist directory. You can then serve that directory with any simple HTTP server (such as serve (yarn install serve, serve dist)) and view it in a web browser.

Common Library

Please note that there is a library pulled in by the Rust part by default (/common in the repository root) which contains various helpers and utility functions. If you move a copied sketch out of the /sketches directory, it won't be able to find the library. You'll have to either tweak engine/Cargo.toml and supply a new path to the directory or remove it if you don't need it.

Directory Structure

The directory is mostly split into two parts: the Rust part (engine directory) and the TypeScript part (src directory). All of the code that gets compiled into Wasm goes in the engine/src/ directory and gets called from src/index.ts.

Config Files

In addition to just the code, there are several config files you may want to edit:

  • package.json to add new scripts, JS dependencies, change the license, set your name as the author, etc.
  • index.hbs to edit the HTML that is generated
  • webpack.config.js/webpack.prod.js to tweak the WebPack config
  • tsconfig.json/tslint.json to tweak the TypeScript compiler+linter
  • LICENSE if you'd prefer something other than the MIT license
  • .eslintrc to tweak the Eslint config (I used my personal preferences as a default)