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Welcome to the wiki of the WMS Inspector, a Firefox add-on with tools for working with Web Map Services (WMS)


WMS Inspector provides a set of tools for integrators and developers that work with the Web Map Service (WMS) standard. It aims to ease repetitive tasks like debugging requests or checking which individual services are used from an online mapping application. It also focuses on provide a user-friendly output of the different services’ capabilities.

To get more information about the WMS standard visit


Main features include:

  • Load all WMS requests in the current page and their parameters
  • Sort requests by service or type
  • Individual WMS requests (images or errors) visualitzation on a lateral pane
  • Copy services, requests or parameters to the clipboard
  • Direct edition of request parameters values
  • Output GetCapabilities response as an HTML report or original file
  • Services Library: Add your favorite services to the WMS Inspector Library to access them easily

Features under current development can be checked in the Issues section.
You can also have a look at the Planned features and ideas.


WMS Inspector can be downloaded from (AMO):

Install a development version

If you want to install a development version follow this steps:

  1. Clone a git repository from the GitHub repository:

    git clone git://

    Download and extract the source code from

  2. Locate your Firefox profile folder and open the “extensions” folder.
    See for platform specific details.

  3. Create a file named “” and edit it to contain the path to the source code you downloaded in the first step.

  4. Restart Firefox.

For further details on setting up a development environment for a Firefox extension, see


The discussion list is the place to request support, propose enhancements and report bugs.

To subscribe to the discussion list send an email with the subject “subscribe” to
or visit

To just post a message on the discussion list, send an email to

Please note that non-subscriber posts will be moderated.


  • The best way to contribute with the WMS Inspector project is telling your friends, colleagues or lists you are subscribed to about it. Spread the word!

  • The second best way to contribute is submitting bugs, possible enhancements or comments to the mailing list. Also, if you are a developer interested in contributing with your code, do not hesitate to contact the list.

  • WMS Inspector has been registered in, the site dedicated to the localization of Mozilla add-ons. Please, feel free to register and contribute with your translation.


WMS Inspector is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3 (GPLv3)
Please check the file LICENSE or the following URL for the full details of this license:

WMS Inspector uses icons from the Silk set by Mark James.

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