Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a front-end web app with a PHP back-end
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Web app generator with PHP

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a front-end web app with a PHP back-end.

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Based on generator-webapp. Adds a /app/api folder containing a sample RESTful PHP API. The API is available under /api URL. `During development, the PHP API is served by PHP built-in web server and integrated seamlessly into the existing connect configuration. Integration is done with grunt-connect-proxy and a patched version of grunt-php (see PR #15 for details).


  • CSS Autoprefixing (new)
  • Built-in preview server with LiveReload
  • Automagically compile CoffeeScript & Compass
  • Automagically lint your scripts
  • Automagically wire up your Bower components with bower-install.
  • Awesome Image Optimization (via OptiPNG, pngquant, jpegtran and gifsicle)
  • Mocha Unit Testing with PhantomJS
  • Optional - Twitter Bootstrap for SASS
  • Optional - Leaner Modernizr builds (new)

For more information on what generator-webapp-php can do for you, take a look at the Grunt tasks used in our package.json.

Getting Started

  • Install: npm install -g generator-webapp-php
  • Run: yo webapp-php
  • Run grunt for building and grunt serve for preview


  • --skip-install

    Skips the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished.

  • --test-framework=<framework>

    Defaults to mocha. Can be switched for another supported testing framework like jasmine.

  • --coffee

    Add support for CoffeeScript.


See the contributing docs

Note: We are regularly asked whether we can add or take away features. If a change is good enough to have a positive impact on all users, we are happy to consider it.

If not, generator-webapp-php is fork-friendly and you can always maintain a custom version which you npm install && npm link to continue using via yo webapp-php or a name of your choosing.


MIT license