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Skeleton of a simple NPM Package with Babel and CI already configured.

Pre-configured development tools

Pre-configured CI tools

Recommended tools

Getting started

  1. Add this project as skeleton remote:
  • For a new project:
    mkdir my-project && cd my-project
    git init
    git remote add skeleton
    git remote set-url skeleton --push "Error: skeleton remote is read-only" # Disable pushing on skeleton
    git config remote.skeleton.tagOpt --no-tags # Disable fetching tags on skeleton
    git remote add origin <YOUR GIT REPOSITORY URL>
    git pull skeleton master --no-tags
    git push -u origin master
  • For an existing project:

    Warning: this will erase all existing code and git history on master branch, use git reflog if you ever need to rollback.
    git remote add skeleton
    git remote set-url skeleton --push "Error: skeleton remote is read-only"
    git show-ref --verify --quiet refs/heads/master || git branch master # Create master branch if needed
    [[ refs/heads/master == $(git symbolic-ref --quiet HEAD) ]] || git checkout master # Switch to master branch
    git fetch skeleton --no-tags
    git reset --hard skeleton/master # Warning: this rewrites git history
    git push -f -u origin master
  1. Set initial version (ex: 0.1.0) in package.json

  2. Replace the following occurrences

  • amercier/npm-package-skeletonyour repo slug
  • npm-package-skeletonyour project name
  • package-skeletonyour NPM package name
  • Alex Mercieryour name
  • pro.alexandre.mercier@gmail.comyour public email address
  • https://amercier.comyour website
  1. Import project in CI tools:
  1. Add the following environment variables in your new Travis CI project's settings:
  • NPM_AUTH_TOKEN: NPM authentication token, used for automatic NPM releasing. See documentation.
  1. (Optional) Enable GreenKeeper: greenkeeper enable.

  2. (Optional) Enable Snyk monitoring: snyk monitor.

  3. (Optional) Add plugin-add-module-exports Babel plugin to avoid users of your packages having to use .default in ES5 style (see install documentation below).

  4. Cleanup by removing all documentation related to the skeleton.


Automatic releasing process

Note: you can try this process safely by releasing an "alpha" version. Ex: 0.1.0-alpha.2

  • Update the package version in package.json (ex: 1.2.3), commit it, and push it.
  • Tag the previously created commit (ex: v1.2.3), and push it (git push --tags).
  • Travis build runs on tagged commit
  • New package version is automatically released after tests have passed


This project is released under ISC License.

Note: the content after this is the actual package documentation (to be edited after cloning).


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Prerequisites: Node.js 6+, npm 3+.

npm install --save package-skeleton



var xxx = require('package-skeleton').default;


import xxx from 'package-skeleton';


Please refer to the guidelines for contributing.

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Skeleton of a simple NPM Package with Babel and CI already configured







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