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A PHP5 Class for retrieving data from the Blip.TV APIs.
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This is a Blip.TV API PHP5 Class that is used to access and retrieve
data from the Blip.TV APIs.
It does not support authentication, which is used with the REST API
to upload videos and/or remove them.
I recommend the Blip-PHP Project if you need those options.

This repository contains the Services_JSON
class, which is licensed under the BSD License ,
and used to provide compatibility for PHP5 < 5.2.0.
It also contains the BlipTV API class which is licensed under the MIT License .


Requires PHP5 >= 5.0.0

Documentation and usage instructions/examples can be found at the project’s Wiki Page .


Report An Issue/Bug
Please report issues on the project’s GitHub Issues page.
Known issues with Blip.TV’s API are noted in the code’s comments, but if you find
something I missed, please report them so I can fix/note them.

If you’d like to leave some general feedback, please visit my website
and leave me a message. A better commenting system will be implimented at a later date.

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