This is a clone of the Codex theme.
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Mediawiki Codex Skin clone

This is a MediaWiki skin that clones the Codex theme.
ALL credit is due to the theme authors of the Codex since it’s their work
and I just made into a public Mediawiki skin.

As far as I can tell, the theme falls under the same GPL Licensing
as the rest of the Codex content.
If I am wrong about this, please let me know so I can honor it.

About The Codex Skin

I ported the skin for a personal project I am working on and needed a localhost MediaWiki.
Since I spend a ton of time sifting through and making contributions where I can to the Codex,
I thought it would be much easier if my localhost wiki looked like the WordPress Codex
since it’s a format I’m familiar with viewing.

While I was at it and since I had no luck finding a WordPress Codex Skin Clone,
I figured I’d share what I had come up with with the rest of those out there who just
love the familiar look of the Codex.
So here you have it, the Codex Skin clone.


Issue tracking on GitHub is by far the easiest way to make suggestions and report problems
since it allows me to check items off and keep things organized.
This is my first MediaWiki Skin, so I heavily-altered the MonoBook skin which provided the
base example code to work with and then I cleaned the code up while integrating the Codex design.
With that being said, there’s bound to be issues such as things I missed, things I may have gotten wrong,
or perhaps there’s better practices that those who are much more savvy at Skinning Mediawiki than I am know of.

This was a quick project and therefore your feedback is important in getting these things ironed out.