This is a plugin for the Wolf CMS that allows users to add Facebook Connect sigin.
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Wolf CMS Facebook Plugin

This is a Wolf CMS Plugin that is based off of the Facebook PHP SDK
project hosted at GitHub.
It integrates the Facebook API into the Wolf CMS system and currently provides
login-via-Facebook and Wolf user account integration so users can use their Facebook
accounts to access the Wolf Administrator section (if given permission).

It is still being developed and new features will continue to be added.

This repository contains the open source PHP SDK and WolfCMS plugin files that allows
you to utilize the above on your Wolf CMS website.
Except as otherwise noted, the Facebook PHP SDK (facebook.php)
is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
and the rest of the project is free-for-all, such as the MIT License.


Documentation and usage instructions/examples can be found at the project’s
Wiki Page .


Report An Issue/Bug
Please report issues on the project’s GitHub Issues page.

If you’d like to leave some general feedback, please visit the Wolf CMS – Facebook Plugin
and leave a comment on that topic. Hopefully a better commenting system can be
implimented at a later date.

1.0.1 Changes

  • Changes to facebook.php were removed and written to the FacebookConnect class instead for better compatibility in future revisions to the Facebook SDK project.
  • The Facebook class was updated to version 2.0.5, which is currently the latest version.
  • Made minor changes to the facebook-login snippet, which is due to the added Observer in the index.php file. This allowed the fb_login() function to be called before anything else so the user’s information can be used anywhere in the page itself.
  • Improvements and modifications made to facebookconnect.php.
  • The enable.php file was changed so that the Facebook APP ID and Facebook Secret values weren’t replaced every time the plugin was enabled/disabled.