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/** @file sc_lfilter.h
* @brief Loop filter module include file
* @author Americo Dias
* @date 06/02/2018
#pragma once
/** @cond */
#include "systemc-ams.h"
/** @endcond */
* Loop filter module
SC_MODULE(sc_lfilter) {
// Private variables
int order;
double r0_value;
double c1_value;
double r2_value;
double c2_value;
double r3_value;
double c3_value;
// Circuit nodes
sca_eln::sca_node node0, node1, node2, node3;
sca_eln::sca_node_ref gnd;
// Circuit components
sca_eln::sca_r *r0;
sca_eln::sca_c *c1;
sca_eln::sca_r *r2;
sca_eln::sca_c *c2;
sca_eln::sca_r *r3;
sca_eln::sca_c *c3;
// Conversion TDF->ELN->TDF
sca_eln::sca_tdf_isource *i_in;
sca_eln::sca_tdf_vsink *v_cp;
sca_eln::sca_tdf_vsink *v_out;
// Ports
sca_tdf::sca_in<double> sca_tdf_in_ictrl; //< Input control current
sca_tdf::sca_out<double> sca_tdf_out_vcp; //< Voltage of the input node (charge pump)
sca_tdf::sca_out<double> sca_tdf_out_vctrl; //< Voltage of the output (=v_cp for the 2nd order filter)
* @param name_ Name of the module
* @param order_ Filter order (2 or 3)
* @param r1_value_ R1 value in ohms
* @param c1_value_ C1 value in farads
* @param c2_value_ C2 value in farads
* @param r3_value_ R3 value in ohms
* @param c3_value_ C3 value in farads
sc_lfilter (sc_module_name name_,
int order_,
double c1_value_,
double r2_value_,
double c2_value_,
double r3_value_,
double c3_value_ );