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Cross platform .NET standard libraries for DirectX, XInput and XAudio
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Vortice.Windows is a collection of Win32 and UWP libraries with bindings support for DXGI, WIC, DirectWrite, Direct2D, Direct3D11, Direct3D12, XInput, XAudio2 and X3DAudio.

This project was born as SharpDX was recently inactive and the aim is to have .net standard 2.0 API and usage of modern stuff like Unsafe and SharpGen.Runtime.

The API as still experimental and may change between release, make sure to take look at CHANGELOG


Library development, contributions and bugfixes by:

  • Amer Koleci

SharpDX bindings where used for some platforms to understand how mapping work using SharpGenTools.


In order to compile, you need to install Visual Studio 2017 or newer with the components:

  • Visual C++ Toolset Component
  • Windows 10 - 1903 SDK (10.0.18362.0) Component
  • .NET Core SDK


All packages are available as NuGet packages: NuGet

Nightly packages can be download by adding the NuGet feed "" to your NuGet.config file:

     <!-- ... -->
     <add key="myget vortice_windows" value="" />
     <!-- ... -->


Direct3D12 DXR samples by CAMongrel D3D12SampleRaytracerSharp.


To further help development of thoose bindings consider sponsoring my profile in order to allow faster issue track and new features to be implemented.

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