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C C++ Assembly Shell
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fel: Add A23 SoC ID

Signed-off-by: Chen-Yu Tsai <>
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@wens wens authored committed
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bin usb-boot: ramboot script without uimage header
include move OSX compatible <endian.h> exception to a common "endian_compat.h…
.gitignore nand-part: rename `mbr` to a more meaningful name
COPYING Relicensed as GPLv2+
Makefile nand-part: create one nand-part program to handle both A10 and A20
README felboot have been fully merged into sunxi u-boot Script to probe a device over adb
boot_head.S boot_head, a little boot header to work around broken bootloaders Boot header to work around broken bootloaders
bootinfo.c bootinfo: Dump SD Card boot info header
common.h Relicensed as GPLv2+
fel-copy.c fel: Correct fel write operation on files > 8K
fel-gpio fel-gpio: Fail on errors after initialization as well
fel-pio.c fel-pio.bin: Add a jump table in the beginning to ease usage
fel-sdboot.c Rename fel-boot to fel-sdboot to avoid confusion with new fel-boot FE… Rename to
fexc.h fexc: add `uboot` output
jtag-loop.S jtag-loop: correct build instructions
jtag-loop.c jtag-loop: correct build instructions jtag-loop: Add Makefile recipe
nand-common.h nand-part: added/updated open source copyright headers
nand-part-a10.h nand-part: create one nand-part program to handle both A10 and A20
nand-part-a20.h nand-part: create one nand-part program to handle both A10 and A20
nand-part-main.c nand-part: fixed error in -f usage message
nand-part.c nand-part: create one nand-part program to handle both A10 and A20
phoenix_info.c move OSX compatible <endian.h> exception to a common "endian_compat.h…
pio.c Fix bogus usage message in pio tool.
script.h fexc: add support for pio banks up to N
script_bin.c fexc: add support for pio banks up to N
script_fex.c fexc: accept negative values in .fex files
script_fex.h Relicensed as GPLv2+
script_uboot.c fexc: uboot: update code output
script_uboot.h fexc: add `uboot` output
usb-boot Fix usb-boot usage message.


Copyright (C) 2012  Alejandro Mery <>

Tools to help hacking Allwinner A10 (aka sun4i) based devices and possibly
it's successors, that's why the 'x' in the package name.

	`.fex` file (de)compiler

	Usage: ./fexc [-vq] [-I <infmt>] [-O <outfmt>] [<input> [<output>]]

	infmt:  fex, bin  (default:fex)
	outfmt: fex, bin  (default:bin)

	compatibility shortcut to call `fexc` to decompile an script.bin
	blob back into `.fex` format used by allwinner's SDK to configure
	the boards.

	compatiblity shortcut to call `fexc` to compile a `.fex` file into
	the binary form used by the sun4i kernel.

	script interface for talking to the FEL USB handler built in to
	th CPU. You activate FEL mode by pushing the usboot/recovery
	button at poweron.

	Simple wrapper to automate USB booting in FEL mode
	See for details

	Simple wrapper around fel-pio and fel to allos GPIO manipulations
	via FEL
	ARM native sdcard bootloader forcing the device into FEL mode

	ARM native helper for fel-gpio

	Manipulate PIO register dumps

	Tool for manipulating Allwinner NAND partition tables

	ARM native boot helper to force the SD port into JTAG
	and then stop, to ease debugging of bootloaders.

	Dump information from Allwinner boot files (boot0/boot1)
	--type=sd	include SD boot info
	--type=nand	include NAND boot info (not implemented)

	gives information about a phoenix image created by the
	phoenixcard utility and optionally extracts the embedded boot
	code & firmware file from their hidden partitions.

This software is licensed under the terms of GPLv2+ as defined by the
Free Software Foundation, details can be read in the COPYING file.
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