Docker image for a private npmjs repository
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Docker Image for npm

Version: 0.5.1
Docker Versions: >=0.6.5 <0.8.0

An easy way to get started with a private npm server, along with kappa. These instructions assume you've already installed Docker per the Getting Started guide.


This image can be built by running the following docker command:

docker build -t npmjs

You can build from a git tag by appending a ref to the above URL. For example


After building the image, a container can be spawned. Providing the vhost (via the -h) options, as well as exposing the ports (-p) is required to use this image.

docker run -d -h npmjs.intranet -p=5984:5984 -p=1337:1337 npmjs


Kappa is exposed on port 1337, and will delegate requests to either your local registry or the public fallback. You'll want to change your default registry via:

npm config set registry http://npmjs.intranet:1337/

Kappa is configured to be read-write to the local registry. To use the public registry use the --registry flag to npm.

npm --registry adduser
npm --registry publish