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Simple command line utility to make DNS lookups to the specified server


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Simple command line utility to make DNS lookups. Supports all known DNS protocols: plain DNS, plain DNS-over-TCP, DoH, DoT, DoQ, DNSCrypt.

How to install

  • Using homebrew:
    brew install ameshkov/tap/dnslookup
  • From source:
    go install
  • You can get a binary from the releases page.
  • You can install it from the Snap Store


Plain DNS, use default system resolver:


Plain DNS:


Plain DNS-over-TCP:

dnslookup tcp://


dnslookup tls://

DNS-over-TLS with IP:

dnslookup tls://

DNS-over-HTTPS with HTTP/2:


DNS-over-HTTPS with HTTP/3 support (the version is chosen automatically):

HTTP3=1 dnslookup

DNS-over-HTTPS forcing HTTP/3 only:

dnslookup h3://

DNS-over-HTTPS with IP:


DNS-over-HTTPS with basic auth (supported by AdGuard DNS):


DNSCrypt (stamp):

dnslookup sdns://AQIAAAAAAAAAFDE3Ni4xMDMuMTMwLjEzMDo1NDQzINErR_JS3PLCu_iZEIbq95zkSV2LFsigxDIuUso_OQhzIjIuZG5zY3J5cHQuZGVmYXVsdC5uczEuYWRndWFyZC5jb20

DNSCrypt (parameters):

dnslookup D12B:47F2:52DC:F2C2:BBF8:9910:86EA:F79C:E449:5D8B:16C8:A0C4:322E:52CA:3F39:0873


dnslookup quic://

Sending a PTR query for an IPv4 address (IP address is recognized automatically when RRTYPE is not specified):


Sending a PTR query for an IPv6 address (IP address is recognized automatically when RRTYPE is not specified):

dnslookup 2606:4700:4700::1111

Machine-readable format:

JSON=1 dnslookup

Disable certificates verification:

VERIFY=0 dnslookup tls://

Specify the type of resource record (default A):

RRTYPE=AAAA dnslookup tls://
RRTYPE=HTTPS dnslookup tls://

Specify the class of query (default IN):

CLASS=CH dnslookup tls://

Set DNSSEC DO bit in the request's OPT record:

DNSSEC=1 dnslookup tls://

Specify EDNS subnet:

SUBNET= dnslookup tls://

Add EDNS0 Padding:

PAD=1 dnslookup tls://

Specify EDNS option with code point code and optionally payload of value as a hexadecimal string: EDNSOPT=code:value. Example (equivalent of dnsmasq's --add-cpe-id=12345678):

EDNSOPT=65074:3132333435363738 RRTYPE=TXT dnslookup tls://

Combine multiple options:

RRTYPE=TXT SUBNET= PAD=1 dnslookup tls://

Verbose-level logging:

VERBOSE=1 dnslookup tls://