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Updated subscene after change in how download is handled, again. #160

merged 1 commit into from

2 participants


Also improved some exception debug messages.

@amet amet merged commit 02e7c54 into amet:eden
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Commits on Feb 13, 2013
  1. Updated subscene after change in how download is handled, again. Impr…

    IcEBnd committed
    …oved some exception debug messages.
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  1. +7 −8 script.xbmc.subtitles/resources/lib/services/Subscene/
15 script.xbmc.subtitles/resources/lib/services/Subscene/
@@ -52,12 +52,11 @@
# group(1) = link, group(2) = movie_season_title, group(3) = year
-# <form action="/subtitle/download" id="dl" method="post" name="dl"><button type="submit" onclick="DownloadSubtitle(this)" id="downloadButton" class="Positive">
-#downloadlink_pattern = "\(new WebForm_PostBackOptions\([^\n\r\t]+?\/([^\n\r\t]+?)&quot;, false, true\)\)"
-downloadlink_pattern = '<form action="([^"]*)" id="dl" method="post" name="dl">'
+# <a href="/subtitle/download?mac=YdYi9-p24hR49B2zIIEoUrXDYN2b4yBreI8TJIBfpdxDuDw-sRIvu8_GvuFAUO3w0" rel="nofollow" onclick="DownloadSubtitle(this)" id="downloadButton" class="button Positive">Download English Subtitle
+downloadlink_pattern = '<a href="(/subtitle/download\?mac=[^"]*)"'
-# <input type="hidden" name="mac" id="mac" value="iYpZfE2uRLwuOANcMW196bXDYN2b4yBreI8TJIBfpdxYfHbaSkp83VDK3BdyW77J0" />
-mac_pattern = '<input type="hidden" name="mac" id="mac" value="([^"]*)" />'
+# <a href="/subtitle/download?mac=YdYi9-p24hR49B2zIIEoUrXDYN2b4yBreI8TJIBfpdxDuDw-sRIvu8_GvuFAUO3w0" rel="nofollow"
+mac_pattern = 'mac=([^"]*)"'
# Content-Disposition: attachment;
filetype_pattern = 'attachment; filename=.*\.(.*)$'
@@ -242,8 +241,8 @@ class MyOpener(urllib.FancyURLopener):
local_file_handle = open(local_tmp_file, "w" + "b")
- except:
- log( __name__ ,"%s Failed to save subtitles to '%s'" % (debug_pretext, local_tmp_file))
+ except Exception as ex:
+ log( __name__ ,"%s Failed to save subtitles to '%s' exception: '%s'" % (debug_pretext, local_tmp_file, str(ex)))
if packed:
files = os.listdir(tmp_sub_dir)
init_filecount = len(files)
@@ -283,5 +282,5 @@ class MyOpener(urllib.FancyURLopener):
return False, language, subs_file #standard output
except Exception as ex:
- log( __name__ ,"%s %s" % (debug_pretext, ex.message))
+ log( __name__ ,"%s %s" % (debug_pretext, str(ex)))
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