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BisonVert client library to consumer the BisonVert server REST API

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BisonVert LibClient: official lib to consume the REST API of the BisonVert's server

bv.libclient is a simple lib client for the BisonVert server REST API.

It also includes features to ease the Oauth authentication (needed by the BisonVert's server) for Django application (it uses django-oauthclient).

See bv.client as a good example on how to use this API.

Embedding bv.libclient in a Django application

Your best bet will be to see how bv.client works, as it is itself, a Django application.

Aside from this, remember that you will need configure your application with the token identifier given by the server. To procede, add BVCLIENT_OAUTH_APPID=<your_app_name> in you that will match this identifier (see for more).

bv.libclient relies on the great restkit to communicate with the REST API.

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