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Circus is a program that runs and watches several processes.

Circus can be used as a library or through the command line.


Circus provides high-level Classes and functions that will let you run processes. For example, if you just want to run 4 workers forever, you can write:

from circus import get_trainer

trainer = get_trainer("myprogram", 3)

This snippet will run 3 myprogram processes and watch them for you.

See for a full Library documentation.

Command-Line Interface

Circus provides a command line script that can be used to run one or several types of processes.

It's an ini-style like file. Example:

check_delay = 5
endpoint = tcp://

cmd = python
args = -u $WID
warmup_delay = 0
num_flies = 5

The file is then run using circusd:

$ circusd example.ini

There's also a circusctl command line tool to query Circus to perform actions like adding or removing workers, or getting back some statistics.

See for a full documentation on the configuration file and the commands options.

Contributions and Feedback

You can reach us for any feedback, bug report, or to contribute, at

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