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Atelier editor
Vue Rust JavaScript CSS HTML
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The Atelier project

The editor is part of the Atelier project, the editor is referred to as Atelier-Ui, while Atelier-assets is the actual asset system that will be integrated into amethyst.

please partake in the very important MVP discussion regarding this repo,

Dev guide

You must have Rust, cargo, Node 10+, Yarn/NPM already installed.

This process will be changing imminently.

To run:

$ cd ui && yarn
$ yarn quasar dev

note the port that quasar launches on, eg. :7551

edit ui/tauri.conf.js

    build: {
      distDir: distDir,
      APP_URL: 'http://localhost:7551'  // must use a localhost server for now


$ yarn tauri dev
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