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An opinionated starter kit for ReactJS. Batteries included.

What is this?

The project contains basic boilerplate for projects using ReactJS, Flux with Webpack for packaging & Less for styles.

Getting started


Needless to say, you will need Git and NodeJS to clone and setup the environment. Additionally, you will also need Grunt build tool. Once you have installed Node, you can install Grunt using:

npm install -g grunt-cli

Getting the code

To download the code, you can clone the repo using git:

git clone
cd react-seed

Setting up the environment

The project uses npm to manage not just the dev dependencies, but also front-end libraries. Do download and install libraries and dev tools, run:

npm install

Running the dev server

This project uses react-hot-loader and hence has the awesomeness of webpack's hot module replacement provided by it. Start the dev server by running

grunt serve

The dev server would by default start on localhost:9000. You can open your favorite IDE and make changes to any file that exports a module and see the changes being reflected on browser without refresh!


Found a bug? Notice an anti-pattern? PRs are most welcome! Or you can always submit a bug.
However, if you do submit a PR, don't forget to conform to the style. To lint code, check for stylistic issues and run tests run:

grunt test


  • Adding sample routing logic
  • Add sample code for XHR along with response mocking in grunt serve
  • Add animation samples


This project and code is available under MIT license