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sroegner commented Dec 3, 2012

Hi there,

i tried for some hours but cannot even get the basic example from the Readme to do anything - I basically always end up with a
Could not find data item foo_message in any Hiera data file and no default supplied

For what I can tell the configuration bits to hiera_config never make it into my puppet environment (unless I directly assign a file to Puppet.settings[:hiera_config]). The backend itself appears to work.

pls see

I'm having trouble getting the "basic" usage working as well.

@sroegner I noticed that its been 3 months since you created this issue, did you by any chance have any luck with getting that to work?

Tried again - no luck. I'm either not clever enough for this or it simply doesn't work.

@sroegner I'm certain that its not the former. Thanks for getting back to me! I'll keep trying

I am also running into this issue.

If any of you wanted to try my forked version of the gem - it appears to solve the problem with the basic example.

Most of what I did was to integrate the changes made by and to add the example as a test.

@sroegner thanks for letting me know!

I switched to hiera-puppet-helper <-- new name so it can be posted as an updated gem since this doesn't appear to be maintained.

I updated my test modules as well and they now work.

@jlambert121 thanks! quick question: does it work with puppet 2.7 or just puppet >= 3.0?

All I tested was >= 3.0, but a quick clone/rake spec of those two repos would answer quickly for you for 2.7.

Sweet! I'll test it out. Thanks once again

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