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Everything But Apples

A Cards Against Humanity inspired game.

To Play



  • On the large screen (the game Host), an adjective will appear
  • On each players' devices, 4 cards will be dealt to them
  • Players select the cards they feel best suit the adjective on the Host Screen
  • Once all cards are submitted, the leader will select which card best suits the adjective
  • A point is given to the player who chose the winning card
  • The leader moves to another player
  • Repeat


Any questions can be emailed to sbrunswig@gmail.com

Technologies Used

JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, CSS, node, express, socket.io, Heroku


  • Bex Way
  • Sam Mendez
  • Jordan Pert
  • Max Rashes
  • Gowri Rajasekaran
  • Amanda Gault