A tool for modeling and analyzing (Tropos like) formal goal models with Dynamic Intentions.
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BloomingLeaf is a web-based tool for modeling and analyzing (Tropos like) formal goal models with evolving intentions.

This project is part of @amgrubb's PhD Thesis.


  1. Enable modeling of goals with evolving intentions/goals.
  2. Enable simulation of goal models as intentions evolve.
  3. Enable stakeholders to ask time-based trade-off questions in early-phase requirements engineering.

Getting started

Want to contribute?

The contributing guide is a good place to start. If you have questions, feel free to ask.


Building on the shoulders of giants:

Tool Description
JointJS (Rappid) JavaScript Diagramming Library
JaCoP Java Constraint Programming (JaCoP) solver
SweetAlert Javascript Library for Popup customization
ChartJS Javascript Library for creating charts
noUiSlider JavaScript range slider library
KeyboardJS Javascript Libary to easily set up binding keys.