Future ICT Challenge - Advanced Mobility Infrastructure Sharing -AMIS- in the Ground, Sea and Air Transportation Market
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What is AMIS Transportation ?

Advanced Mobility Infrastructure Solution

Advanced Mobility Infrastructure Solutions are part of the ERC20-AMIS Token Future, options and crypto derivatives Projects. Amis Transportation is a basic web front end designed to interact with on-chain smart contract distributing reputation/sustainability tokens and mobility assets.

AMIS Transportation

This project was kickedoff during the BIOTS2018 Hackathon. The aim of AMIS is to offer a decentralized transportation system touching ground-sea-air mobility markets for people and consumer goods.

The following is included in the repository:

  • doc: documentation
  • example_webui: An example of web interface
  • homepage: The web interface of Amis Mobility project
  • src: Source code of the AMIS Transportation project
  • video: Screen cast of homepage usage

Go to https://ami-solution.github.io/transportation/homepage/ to interact with the currently deployed contracts on the Ropsten test network. Make sure you have installed the MetaMask browser plugin and have selected the Ropsten test network.

User Interface

Create new user: Add your name and transportation type, click "Add User", and confirm transaction. You will be rewarded 250 MOB Tokens. Request Car: Select start and end location and the transportion type. Currently only two lenders, one with a EV and one with one with a regular terrestrial transportation system; could be bus, car, bike, motorcycle, horse...

Testing the ropsten contract


Deploying the contracts using remix

  1. Clone repository
  2. In MetaMask, select the Ropsten test network and ensure you have some funds in your wallet
  3. Open http://remix.ethereum.org/ and add the contracts in src/contracts
  4. Select the "run" tab and chose the environment "injected web3"
  5. Click "create" and confirm transaction when MetaMask popup comes up
  6. Click on the "mobcoin" button to read out the mobcoin address to show your MOB balance in MetaMask.