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Aeon Garden is an artificial life toy for Apple devices built with SpriteKit


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Aeon Garden

Aeon Garden is a stylish, simple artificial life simulation. Creatures are born, eat, mate, and die in a virtual tank; their attributes can be passed on to their offspring, and mutations occur along the way, so every tank will evolve differently. Aeon Garden is meant to be a passive experience, something you leave on in the background while you're doing other things.

⚠️ This project is under active construction! ️️⚠️

If you'd like to contribute, please contact me @amiantos on Twitter or some other way.


  • Watch abstract creatures swim around and live their tiny lives in a virtual tank
  • Running tanks generate pleasing ambient sounds
  • Customize tank settings (food level, food spawn rate, and more)
  • Mark creatures as 'favorites' to persist them between tanks
  • Cross-platform support
    • iOS
    • tvOS
    • macOS

Video & Screenshots

📺 Watch a YouTube video of Aeon Garden

These screenshots are from the tvOS version.

Aeon Garden Zoomed-Out View

Aeon Garden Zoomed View


Like Numu Tracker, Aeon Garden is both a learning project and a labor of love. I've always loved little artificial life simulations, no matter how rudimentary. Aeon Garden is also helping me learn more things: SpriteKit, GameKit, CoreData with CloudKit, creating views and constraints programmatically, more elaborate view animations, better code organization, and cross-platform development.

To Install

  1. git clone
  2. Open App/Aeon Garden.xcworkspace
  3. Pick a target
  4. Build!