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Gamebook Engine is an iOS app for playing and creating gamebooks (a type of interactive fiction)
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BRGamebookEngine is an open source iOS app for creating and playing "gamebooks", which are essentially interactive books where you get to make decisions that influence the story. For example, a popular brand of gamebook is Choose Your Own Adventure®, of which this project has no association.


  • Create classic (or more advanced) gamebooks right on your iDevice
  • Export and import games from non-proprietary JSON files
  • Analyzer ensures you don't create any unreachable pages or dead-ends

Gamebook Structure

  • Attributes
    • These are essentially just global variables shared throughout a game
    • They hold a name, and an integer value which defaults to 0
  • Pages
    • Content
      • The text of the page, formatted with a limited set of Markdown attributes
    • Consequences
      • The consequences of landing on a given page
      • A consequence can affect attributes in three ways:
        • Set (to a value)
        • Increment (by a value)
        • Decrement (by a value)
        • Multiply (by a value)
    • Decisions
      • Destination
        • The page that the decision leads to
      • Rules
        • Match Any or All rules (based on the value of Attributes) to determine if a decision appears on the page

If you're curious about what an exported Gamebook looks like, view An Introduction to Gamebook Engine.gbook for an example.

To Install

  1. git clone
  2. Open BRGamebookEngine.xcworkspace in Xcode 10.3 or higher.
  3. Build :)



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