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I built Textlike almost entirely in 2014, as my first major self-taught programming project. This is largely a disclaimer to say that this code was never meant to see the light of day. It is for an old version of PHP, the database has no optimization, and there's lots of code repetition throughout. I built it before I knew anything about javascript, so it is not dynamic either. If I rebuilt it with everything I know now, it could be pretty slick.

That said, it's pretty cool. This is a fully-featured and somewhat (questionably) fun browser-based text-based rogue-like. I can disparage it in the same sentence I can praise it, but leave it to yourself to play it and feel it out for yourself (unfortunately I don't host textlike anywhere anymore). I'd say every year around 15 random people come across it, make an account, play for a bit, then get bored and move on.

PHP 5.5 (most likely)
Links to twitter for auto-posting deaths to a twitter account

If you wanna play with it, import the structure from /db/textlike.sql and create a connect.php with your info out of the default.