A guide to cables and connectors used for audiovisual tech
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The Cable Bible

A comprehensive guide to cables and connectors potentially used for audiovisual/media preservation. Now hosted on GitHub Pages, at https://amiaopensource.github.io/cable-bible

You can also install the latest release on your computer with the command:

brew install amiaopensource/amiaos/cable-bible

and then call it locally with the command:


This works currently under macOS, Linux and the Linux subsystem on Windows. On classic Windows you can install the last release manually and the open index.html in a browser.


Please feel free to clone this repository or create a new branch with your own additions of modules for signal types, interfaces or connectors you think we're missing (there's a lot!). If you're not comfortable working in GitHub, you can just supply the information and we'll be happy to add it! You can submit an issue or contact user MIAPtech (Ethan Gates) with relevant descriptions, photos, info, etc.!


Gathered using octohatrack

GitHub Contributors:

  • ablwr (Ashley)
  • EG-tech (Ethan Gates)
  • retokromer (Reto Kromer)

All Contributors:

  • ablwr (Ashley)
  • bturkus
  • eddycolloton
  • EG-tech (Ethan Gates)
  • jfarbowitz (Jonathan Farbowitz)
  • laurensorensen (Lauren Sorensen)
  • privatezero (Andrew Weaver)
  • retokromer (Reto Kromer)
  • todrobbins (Tod Robbins)
  • travislwagner

Repo: amiaopensource/cable-bible
GitHub Contributors: 3
All Contributors: 10

License and Attribution

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Images pulled from the web are reused here under principle of fair use - they have all been downloaded and uploaded to this repository for the sake of stability, but original URLs are provided in mouse-over text.

Such enormous thanks to ablwr and the entire work of team ffmprovisr, on which so much of this project (code, spirit, COC) is based!