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DOI License: CC0-1.0


List of open workflows and resources for A/V archiving. Please contribute!

If you have never contributed to GitHub before, here is a guide! You can also file an issue (which is like filling out a form) and someone else will add it.

Sibling repositories: analog-inspection && time-based-media-art



Transfer stations and digitization labs




  • AEO-Light 2: Open source optical sound extraction software.
  • Audacity: Free open source digital audio workstation. Supports recording and editing of audio.
  • Audiogrep: Transcribes audio files and then creates "audio supercuts" based on search phrases. It uses CMU Pocketsphinx for speech-to-text and pydub to stitch things together.
  • Aurora: Aurora is a Django web application that can receive, virus check and validate transfers of digital archival records, and allows archivists to appraise and accession those records.
  • BWF MetaEdit: Allows the embedding of BWF metadata in WAV files.
  • ClairMeta: a python package for Digital Cinema Package (DCP) probing and checking.
  • Digital Media Log: A Rails app that uses ArchivesSpace's API to quickly inventory digital media items and log disk imaging.
  • DCP-o-matic: A free, open-source program to create digital cinema packages (DCPs) from videos, images, sound and subtitle files.
  • ExifTool: A Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety of files, with a focus on still image file formats.
  • forced-alignment-tools: A collection of links and notes on forced alignment tools.
  • iromlab: Loader software for automated imaging of optical media with Nimbie disc robot.
  • TheKeep: A repository-based Django web application for managing digital surrogates or "masters" of archival (and other) source materials.
  • MediaConch: Tool for quickly creating and comparing policies for digital media to ensure compliance with chosen standards.
  • MediaInfo: Essential tool for quick analysis of A/V file metadata.
  • QCTools: Enables extensive analysis of digitized video for quality control purposes.
  • reel time: Tool to calculate the duration of open-reel audio.
  • Scans an input (such as a broken file) for apparent DV frames and extracts them into a new DV file.
  • untrunc: Tool to attempt repair of truncated MP4/MOV files. Works by analyzing a similar known good file (such as from the same camera) and attempting to reconstruct metadata in broken file.
  • Videogrep: Searches through dialog in video files (using .srt subtitle tracks or pocketsphinx transcriptions) and makes supercuts based on what it finds.
  • vrecord: Open source tool for analog video digitization. Includes a variety of virtual scopes. Requires a computer running a recent macOS or Linux and Blackmagic hardware.
  • XLD: Tool for lossless transcoding of various audio formats. Useful for error free CD ripping.


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For help contributing to this repository or other issues, please contact Ashley Blewer (@ablwr) or Tod Robbins (@todrobbins).

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