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VueJS application for print trello cards in postits
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3loprint is a VueJS application for print your trello cards in postits.

It generate PDF file with your trello access.

3loprint does not save your information. It uses Pouch DB, you can delete it when you want.


3loprint is built with VueJS, PouchDB and klein.php.

3loprint interfaces is built with element ui library.

Development environment

Clone 3loprint repository :

git clone

Install JS dependencies :

cd app
npm install

And run webpack-dev-server :

npm run build

Install PHP dependencies :

cd server
composer install

Now run server with PHP built in server :

php -S -t ./

You open http://localhost:8080 in your favorite browser.

Production environment

I'm still working on it.

Future development

  • Print task (trello checklist). Currently 3loprint only print user story (trello card).
  • Save printed task, I think it can be useful, no ?
  • Create a nginx conf for production environment.
  • Create a deployment procedure.

You have an idea, create a issue !

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