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import signal
import commands
import threading
import time
max_mem = 100000
class MemoryWatch(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, server, max_mem):
super(MemoryWatch, self).__init__()
self.daemon = True
self.server = server
self.max_mem = max_mem
self.timeout = server.timeout / 2
def memory_usage(self, pid):
out = commands.getoutput("ps -o rss -p %s" % pid)
except IOError:
return -1
used_mem = sum(int(x) for x in out.split('\n')[1:])
return used_mem
def run(self):
while True:
for (pid, worker) in list(self.server.WORKERS.items()):
if self.memory_usage(pid) > self.max_mem:"Pid %s killed (memory usage > %s)",
pid, self.max_mem)
self.server.kill_worker(pid, signal.SIGQUIT)
def when_ready(server):
mw = MemoryWatch(server, max_mem)
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