Orange Rx - Medication management app by Amida
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Orange Rx

Amida’s Orange Rx mobile application helps make medication management easy and safe. Instead error-prone manual data entry, Orange Rx automatically imports - under the patients control - personal health data from a variety of electronic sources. Combining open source Blue ButtonTM technology with a simple, intuitive interface, Orange Rx enables patients and their care teams to track and log medications, control dosing and refills, and report adverse effects.

Some of the features of the Orange Rx app include:

  • Notifications and reminders for medication dosing
  • Automatic synchronization for up-to- date dosing information
  • Multi-user log-in for multiple individuals to manage and view medication schedules
  • Data storage in a secure, private, HIPAA-compliant server
  • Easily hosted on a HIPAA-compliant Amida server, your server, or in the cloud
  • Seamless integration to all file types and existing systems using Amida’s open source Data Reconciliation Engine



In order to get started, cordova and ionic need to be installed. Do this by running:

npm install -g cordova ionic gulp bower

npm install
bower install
gulp sass

To build the app with the API running locally you must make the following edit:

Find the file settings.js in the directory ~/orange/www/js/core/constants/

Change the value of orangeApiUrl on line 6 from to http://localhost:5000/v1/


In order to emulate for iOS you will need to have XCode Installed and be using a Mac.

Emulate iOS: ionic emulate ios

Emulate Android: ionic emulate android

If you'd like to demo the layout, run ionic serve

To test on a physical android device, plug in the device and run ionic run android --device. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your device.


Contributors are welcome. See issues

Release Notes

See release notes [here] (./


Licensed under Apache 2.0