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Azure Vector Icons

A set of vector (SVG) icons depicting Microsoft Azure Platform Services. Designed as a common icongraphic language for use by Architects, Developers and Operations to document and build Azure Platform Services.

The Icons


Icon Title
Operational Insights Operational Insights

Big Data

Icon Title
HDInsight (Old) HDInsight (Old)
HDInsight HDInsight
Machine Learning Machine Learning


Icon Title
BitBucket (Code Source) BitBucket (Code Source)
Code File Code File
Codeplex (Code Source) Codeplex (Code Source)
CSCFG (Cloud Service Configuration) File CSCFG (Cloud Service Configuration) File
CSDEF (Cloud Service Definition) File CSDEF (Cloud Service Definition) File
CSPKG (Cloud Service Package) CSPKG (Cloud Service Package)
Dropbox (Code Source) Dropbox (Code Source)
File (Black) File (Black)
File File
Git Deployment Git Deployment
GitHub (Code Source) GitHub (Code Source)
PowerShell File PowerShell File
RDP (Remoting File) RDP (Remoting File)
Script File Script File
Startup File Startup File
WAD (Diagnostics) Config WAD (Diagnostics) Config
WAD (Diagnostics) Config WAD (Diagnostics) Config


Icon Title
API Management API Management
Automation Automation
Autoscale Autoscale
Batch Services Batch Services
Cloud Service Cloud Service
Media Services Media Services
Mobile Services Mobile Services
RemoteApp RemoteApp
Scheduler Scheduler
Service Fabric Cluster Service Fabric Cluster
Virtual Machine - ElasticSearch Virtual Machine - ElasticSearch
Virtual Machine Virtual Machine
Virtual Machines Virtual Machines
Web Role Web Role
Web Roles Web Roles
Websites Websites
Website (Generic) Website (Generic)
Worker Role Worker Role
Worker Roles Worker Roles


Icon Title
Backup Service Backup Service
Database Generic Database Generic
MySQL Database MySQL Database
Operating System Image Operating System Image
SQL Database (Generic) SQL Database (Generic)
SQL Database (SQL Azure) SQL Database (SQL Azure)
SQL DataSync SQL DataSync
Storage Blob Storage Blob
Storage Table Storage Table
Stream Analytics Stream Analytics
VHD Data Disk VHD Data Disk


Icon Title
Azure Active Directory Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory Access Control Services (ACS) Azure Active Directory Access Control Services (ACS)


Icon Title
BizTalk Services BizTalk Services
Event Hub Event Hub
Message Message
Notification Hub Notification Hub
Notification Topic Notification Topic
Queue Queue
Service Bus Queues Service Bus Queues
Service Bus Relay Service Bus Relay
Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions
Service Bus Service Bus
Storage Queue Storage Queue


Icon Title
Add-Ons Add-Ons
Alert Alert
Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace
Azure SDK Azure SDK
Azure Subscription Azure Subscription
Certificate Certificate
Cloud Cloud
Computer Computer
Enterprise Enterprise
Health Monitoring Health Monitoring
Healthy Healthy
Laptop Laptop
Management Service Management Service
Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
Mobile Mobile
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
Server Rack Server Rack
Server Server
SQL Reporting SQL Reporting
Tablet Tablet
Unidentified Code Object (UFO) Unidentified Code Object (UFO)
User User
Visual Studio Online Visual Studio Online
Windows Azure Windows Azure


Icon Title
Azure Load Balancer Azure Load Balancer
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Express Route Express Route
Load Balancer (Generic) Load Balancer (Generic)
Network Network
Service Endpoint Service Endpoint
Traffic Manager Traffic Manager


Icon Title
Cache Cache
Recovery Services Recovery Services
SQL Azure SQL Azure
StorSimple StorSimple
Table Storage Table Storage


Vector (SVG) Icons Depicting Microsoft Azure Services




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