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FlashPunk inspired game engine base on Starling
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AmidosEngine v0.2

FlashPunk inspired game engine base on Starling


AmidosEngine was created as a helping classes to create my games fast as I used to do with FlashPunk.


  • AmidosEngine Classes
  • Demo Project to Launch (demo project work for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Features v0.1

  • World, Entity structure
  • Special Display Classes: Spritemap, Tilemap, TileImage, Background
  • Special Sound Classes: Sfx
  • Special Data Classes: Data
  • Special UI Classes: ButtonEntity
  • 2D Box Collision System
  • Camera Support (Moving only, no Rotation, no Zooming)
  • I/O events: Multitouch, Keyboard

#Features v0.2

  • Camera Rotation
  • Camera Scaling
  • GraphicList Class like in FlashPunk
  • Input Class like in FlashPunk


  • Documenting
  • Add Gestures to Input Class
  • Testing it on large amount of objects and handling it efficiently
  • Example Games
  • Spritemap is independent from Atlas xml files like in FlashPunk
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