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A simple, fast web app to generate html based on a collection of commonly used user interface patterns.

🎏 Live Site: stitches.hyperyolo.com


Running it locally

cd into stitches-template-generator and run:

npm install
npm start

This will compile the JS, CSS and start a node server on port 3000.

Head to localhost:3000. You should see stitches now!


You can also run it in Docker.

# Build the container
make build

# Run the node server
make run

Make your own templates

Feel free to take this project and re-factor to your need! Not everyone wants these templates for their projects. Here are the steps:

  1. Run the project locally (see the section above)
  2. Head to localhost:3000
  3. Add your own HTML template (with tailwind.css classes) into the templates folder
  4. Add a filter button for it in the index.html. (i.e. add <button class="text-black font-semibold hover:text-green px-2 py-1 transition-normal" data-filter="st-<your template name>">Tabs</button>)
  5. Done! refresh to check out your own templates.