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A simple, fast web app to generate html based on a collection of commonly used user interface patterns.

🎏 Live Site:


Running it locally

cd into Stitches directory.

npm install

Run Browserify to bundle all node modules.

browserify main.js -o bundle.js

Recompile tailwind css.

npx tailwind build stitches.css -c ./tailwind.config.js -o ./output.css

Make your own templates

Feel free to take this project and re-factor to your need! Not everyone wants these templates for their projects. Here are the steps:

  1. Read the Contributing guideline here.
  2. Run the project locally (see the section above)
  3. Use 200 ok to run the repo in browser (because file download requires http).
  4. Add your own HTML template (with tailwind.css classes) into the templates folder
  5. Add a filter button for it in the index.html. (i.e. add <button class="text-black font-semibold hover:text-green px-2 py-1 transition-normal" data-filter="st-<your template name>">Tabs</button>)
  6. Done! refresh to check out your own templates.

Contributing to the repo

Read and follow the Contributing guideline here. Thanks!


MIT © Amie Chen

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