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[DOC] Update for commit prefixes and feature flags
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@@ -80,12 +80,24 @@ to know that you have a clean slate: `npm install && npm test`.
3. Add a test for your change. Only refactoring and documentation changes
require no new tests. If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug, we need
-a test!
+a test! If your change is a new feature, please
+[wrap it in a feature flag](
4. Make the test pass.
-5. Commit your changes. If your pull request fixes an issue specify it in the commit message.
-Here's an example: `git commit -m "Close #52 – Fix controller and viewbindings"`
+5. Commit your changes. Please use an appropriate commit prefix.
+If your pull request fixes an issue specify it in the commit message. Some examples:
+ ```
+ [DOC beta] Update for commit prefixes
+ [FEATURE query-params-new] Message
+ [BUGFIX beta] Message
+ [SECURITY CVE-111-1111] Message
+ ```
+ For more information about commit prefixes see
+ [Robert Jacksons slides on contributing to Ember](
6. Push to your fork and submit a pull request. Please provide us with some
explanation of why you made the changes you made. For new features make sure to
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