MCC TheBar 26.19

@tboeckel tboeckel released this Jan 15, 2018

Version 26.19 of MCC TheBar


  • mcp/class.c: fixed the "pointer to a pointer" operation when a simple
    pointer is enough already. This fixes the invalid saved configuration for
    the "Appearance" page. Thanks to Christian Maier for the hint.
  • library.c: moved the system and CPU description behind the copyright part.
  • all/Debug.c: declare inlined _INDENT() function as static to avoid warnings
    of GCC5.
  • mcp/Makefile: generate ISO8859-1 encoded catalogs instead of UTF8 encoded
  • include: updated SDI headers.

MCC TheBar v26.17

@jens-maus jens-maus released this Aug 4, 2016 · 23 commits to master since this release

Version 26.17 of MCC TheBar


  • implemented an alternative greying algorithm which just blends a grey shade over the image instead of turning all colors to grey.
  • config items matching the default values will be removed from the configuration to be able to reset all items to their defaults.
  • removed artificial limitation of blending modes for the AmigaOS3 build.
  • implemented new attribute MUIA_TheBar_HoveredButton to get notified about the currently hovered button.
  • trigger MUIA_TheButton_MouseOver (and as a consequence MUIA_TheBar_MouseOver as well) for all kinds of button styles, not just for the typical dynamic frame styles (i.e. sunny and raised).
  • remember the state of MUIA_NoNotify and apply it again when modifying MUIA_TheBar_Active. This fixes the unwanted notifications during MUIM_TheBar_NoNotifySetAttr.