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AmigaDev: Apps, Libs, Hardware

A project to collect the development of ports, apps, drivers, libraries, hardware, et al. for Amiga based systems like AmigaOS 3.x/4.x, WarpOS, MorphOS and AROS

Pinned repositories

  1. Forked from HenrykRichter/libSDL12_Amiga68k

    SDL-1.2 port to AmigaOS/m68k

    C 5 1

  2. Amiga C Engine

    C 25 9

  3. Forked from SDL-mirror/SDL

    Automated mirror of

    C 6 2

  4. Docker Cross Compile Toolchains for Amiga based platforms

    Shell 9

  5. Forked from Sakura-IT/libSDL_WarpOS

    libSDL port to WarpOS/SonnetAmiga

    C 1

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