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3dpl (3D Programming Language), A language based on Unity3d's JS for new programmers to learn programming and 3D game programming at the same time, and while having fun! It includes 17 tutorials, which include how to make a simple cube how to color the cubes how to make 3D brakeout(arkanoid) and how to make a 3D space first person shooter. Also …
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Added a statement for the GPL

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Usmar A Padow authored

Click here to goto the 3dpl ge website

Source code now released under GPL and LGPL! to save space, I only included hte script file and the scene file... you need to make your own Unity3d project and add these files to your project... then you should put the Assets folder from inside the Mac binary distribution.

testscript.js -- this is the main script file (should be put under Assets folder) scene1.unity -- this is the main scene file (should be put under Assets folder) COPYING -- GPL license file COPYING.LESSER -- LGPL lisence file GUITest.cs -- this is an unimportant script file (should be put under Assets folder)

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