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Java wrapper for Zold's RESTful API.
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Java wrapper for Zold's RESTful API.

Maven dependency

The library comes as a maven dependency:


In order for it to work, you need to have an implementation of JSON-P (JSR 374) in your classpath (it doesn't come transitively since most people are using Java EE APIs so, chances are it is already provided!).

If you are not using Maven, you can also download the fat jar.


If you would like to contribute, just open an issue or a PR.

Make sure the maven build:

$mvn clean install -Pcheckstyle

passes before making a PR. Checkstyle will make sure you're following our code style and guidlines.

This project is managed by Zerocracy, see the Policy for more details.

Note that we do not have Zerocracy QAs, yet we still try to adhere to the QA rules as much as possible (we won't block any PRs for cosmetic stuff such as commit messages, though).

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