A set of flashcards for vim command mastery, for use with Anki
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Vim Flashcards

Vim Flashcards is a collection of Vim tips and commands compiled for the purpose of developing a deep familiarity of available Vim commands. The format provided is suitable for import into Anki, a free spaced repetitition learning program, but may be suitable for import into other programs.

Using with Anki

You can use the last uploaded version of this card stack by installing Anki and search for "Vim Commands" in the list of flashcard sets. Alternately, you can import the file directly into Anki, to use the latest set of flashcards found here.

If you have an older version of the card stack you downloaded through Anki, you can import new cards from this deck by selecting File > Import. By default, only new cards will be imported by Anki.

Using with other flashcard programs

I am interested in making the flashcards available to other flashcard programs. If you're interested in importing the flashcards into a program that doesn't support this file format, please contact me and let me know.


I'm eager to hear feedback about the vim_flashcards project! Stories of success and failure, suggestions for commands or command sets to include, error reports, etc. Just submit a Github issue on the project!


Feel free to fork and send me pull requests if you have any corrections, or open an issue here on Github if there's something you'd like to see changed or added.