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Lint the browser compatibility of your code
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Lint the browser compatibility of your code

demo of plugin usage


1. Install

npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-compat

2. Update ESLint Config

// .eslintrc.json
  "extends": ["plugin:compat/recommended"],
  "env": {
    "browser": true
  // ...

3. Configure Target Browsers

Browser targets are configured using browserslist. You can configure browser targets in your package.json:


  // ...
  "browserslist": ["chrome 70", "last 1 versions", "not ie <= 8"]

If no configuration is found, browserslist defaults to "> 0.5%, last 2 versions, Firefox ESR, not dead".

See browserslist/browserslist for more details.

Adding Polyfills


Add polyfills to the settings section of your eslint config. Append the name of the object and the property if one exists. Here are some examples:

  // ...
  "settings": {
    "polyfills": [
      // Example of marking entire API and all methods and properties as polyfilled
      // Example of marking specific method of an API as polyfilled
      // Example of API with no property (i.e. a function)
      // Example of instance method, must add `.prototype.`


See wiki polyfills section


For a minimal demo, see amilajack/eslint-plugin-compat-demo



If this project is saving you (or your team) time, please consider supporting it on Patreon 👍 thank you!

Road Map

See the Road Map for the details.


Toolchains for native platforms, like iOS and Android, have had API linting from the start. It's about time that the web had similar tooling.

This project was inspired by a two hour conversation I had with someone on the experience of web development and if it is terrible or not. The premise they argued was that x browser doesn't support y feature while z browser does. Eventually, I agreed with him on this and checked made this plugin to save web developers from having to memorize browser compatibility of specs.


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