Lint the browser compatibility of your code
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demo of plugin usage

Road Map

See the Road Map for the details.


npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-compat

Add "compat" to .eslintrc "plugins" section, add "browser": true to "env", then configure the "compat/compat" rule.

If you use typescript, see typescript-eslint-parser.

// .eslintrc
  // ...
  "env": {
    "browser": true
  "plugins": ["compat"],
  "rules": {
    // ...
    "compat/compat": "error"

Alternatively, you can use the recommended configuration which will do this for you, with the "compat/compat" rule reporting errors (as in the snippet above).

// .eslintrc
  "extends": ["plugin:compat/recommended"]



 22:  navigator.serviceWorker
                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ `ServiceWorker` is not supported in IE 11, Edge 15
                               and Safari 8 😢

Targeting Browsers

eslint-plugin-compat uses the browserslist configuration in package.json

See ai/browserslist for configuration. Here's some examples:

// Simple configuration (package.json)
  // ...
  "browserslist": ["last 1 versions", "not ie <= 8"],
// Use development and production configurations (package.json)
  // ...
  "browserslist": {
    "development": ["last 2 versions"],
    "production": ["last 4 versions"]

💡 You can also define browsers in a separate browserslist file

Adding Polyfills

See wiki polyfills section


Toolchains for native platforms, like iOS and Android, have had API linting from the start. It's about time that the web had similar tooling.

This project was inspired by a two hour conversation I had with someone on the experience of web development and if it is terrible or not. The premise they argued was that x browser doesn't support y feature while z browser does. Eventually, I agreed with him on this and checked made this plugin to save web developers from having to memorize browser compatibility of specs.


For a minimal demo, see amilajack/eslint-plugin-compat-demo