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USB SNES Cartridge Reader firmware.

snes-rd_snes-pad.png snes-rd_top.png snes-rd_bottom.png


What is snes-rd?

snes-rd is USB SNES Cartridge Reader firmware based on the Atmel AT90USB1286 microcontroller and Dean Camera's LUFA library. This project implements a USB Mass Storage class device and works similarly to a flash drive; plug it in, insert cartridge, and play the game using your favorite emulator.

NOTE: Currently only LoROM cartridges are supported. Once I get some other cartridges to test with I will implement the code changes.

Also, there is a FAT16 filesystem coded by hand that is stored in the microcontroller memory. See file_system() function for details (and the blocks of hex bytes). If I decide to do another iteration of this project then maybe I will optimize it or come up with some other solution. :)

What license is snes-rd release under?

snes-rd is released under the MIT/X Consortium License, see LICENSE file for details.

Currently, the library dependencies are:

LUFA (Modified MIT)

Where can I find the schematic for this project?

I actually do not have a schematic drawn up for this yet. The project was hacked together during my free time. If the decision is made to manufacture a PCB then I will add the schematics here. See the source code for the general idea of the pin wiring.

What bootloader is used for snes-rd?

I ended up using Atmel's DFU bootloader for this project. This allowed easy use of dfu-programmer for flashing from Linux using the command line.