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authenticated data structures, generically
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λ● (lambda-auth): an OCaml compiler extension for authenticated data structures.
(c) 2013 by Andrew Miller, Michael Hicks, Elaine Shi, Jonathan Katz.
Released under the GPL.
Some of the code is (c) 2009-2012 Jun Furuse (see

WARNING: This is an academic research prototype. Although the topic involves secure protocols, this software should be considered unfit for any such purpose.

Examples of authenticated data structure programs written in lambda-auth:

- The 4.01.0 release of OCaml head must be installed, and in particular must exist as the directory "../ocaml-4.01.0"
- Additionally, several packages are used (use the OPAM package manager): opam install batteries benchmark cryptokit sha

Build instructions:
- make          # builds the compiler
- make prover   # builds prover version of the examples
- ./driver_prv  # (runs the prover code)
- make verifier # builds the verifier version of the example
- ./driver_vrf  # (runs the verifier code)
- make ideal    # builds the unauthenticated version
- ./driver_idl  # runs the unauthenticated example

optional optimizations:
- STRATEGY=buf  make prover verifier
- STRATEGY=susp make prover verifier
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