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Branch: http-transport
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
  1. @warner

    add readv

    warner authored
  2. @warner
  3. @warner
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  7. @warner
  8. @warner
  9. @warner

    hush pyflakes

    warner authored
  10. @warner

    web: add private control panel, at /control/KEY/

    warner authored
    with a secret URL that can be generated from information in
    ~/.tahoe/private/control.key . General idea is to put node-local secrets and
    controls here: grid membership, checker/repairer management service controls,
    periodic local backup controls. This is like control.furl, but web-based.
  11. @warner

    improve "connected" display

    warner authored
  12. @warner
  13. @warner
  14. @warner

    sort better

    warner authored
  15. @warner
  16. @warner
  17. @warner

    more fixes

    warner authored
    * welcome page now renders properly
     * server-claimed-usage now sync, sends update request in background
     * client-list shows pubkeys, no longer double-reports
  18. @warner
  19. @warner
  20. @warner

    first sketch of updating StorageServer to speak leases to Accountant

    warner authored
    still needs a lot of work
  21. @warner
  22. @warner
  23. @warner

    de-Referenceable-ify storage.server: change remote_foo to client_foo

    warner authored
    also update Account. Probably need to update tests too.
  24. @warner
  25. @warner
  26. @warner

    add starter account to table, use None for its lease secrets

    warner authored
    (don't enable remote callers to cancel starter leases by using "")
  27. @warner
  28. @warner

    fix web status

    warner authored
  29. @warner
  30. @warner

    hush pyflakes

    warner authored
  31. @warner

    accountant: fix _leasedb

    warner authored
  32. @warner

    hush pyflakes

    warner authored
  33. @warner
  34. @warner
  35. @warner
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