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So you want to run the tests eh? Ok, then listen:
-This plugin has a full suite of tests. But you've gotta follow a certain procedure. If you do, all tests should pass:
+This plugin has a full suite of tests. But you've gotta follow a
+certain procedure. If you do, all tests should pass. You cant run
+them all at once (unfortunately) by running "rake" because the
+tests depend on ENV['RAILS_ENV'] being different, and as far as I
+know, this can't be changed in a running script once it is set. So,
+we run them separately. Observe:
> rails newtestapp
> cd newtestapp
> ./script/plugin install
> cd vendor/plugins/asset_packager/test/
-> ruby asset_packager_test.rb # run this twice, will give 1 error the first time, not an actual error. I'll fix this up sometime.
-> ruby asset_packager_test.rb # the second time, all pass
+> ruby asset_packager_test.rb # all pass
> ruby asset_package_helper_development_test.rb # all pass
> ruby asset_package_helper_production_test.rb # all pass
-The first test class, "asset_packager_test.rb" builds all the packages that the next two test classes depend on.
-The last two helper test classes have to be run seperately because they have different RAILS_ENV constant values, which, to my knowledge, can only be set once.
== License
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