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MATHTools is a collection of handy tools for high school (and early university) students who deal with math.

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Quick links

MATHTools Translations (on Crowdin)
MATHTools on F-Droid


  • I have an idea for this app, what should I do? - First make sure that the same or similar idea is not already planned/done/rejected by checking everything here and here. If it is already in there, and you have something to add, feel free to write a comment under that issue. If your idea is unique, then create a new issue describing it.
  • I have found a bug, what should I do? - Same rules apply as for amazing idea described above.
  • Can I contribute? - Of course. And you should definitely do it! Fork the dev branch and when you have something to give back, do a Pull Request into dev branch.
  • Is there a beta channel? - No, currently there's no beta channel and new updates and features will be available normally once tested.
  • What is the license? GPLv3 LICENSE

How to post an issue

  • Try to choose a short but informative title
  • Add some description about your issue/suggestion.
  • When writing about a bug, make sure to add this info to your description
    • Your device model.
    • Your device Android version.
    • Steps to reproduce a bug.
  • Make sure to write only about ONE thing at a time. Issues that have multiple things that are being discussed, will be closed.
  • When adding images, add them straight to description or comment. Do not put URLs if possible.


The first version of MATHTools was written in spring 2013 but was never released publicly. The app was re-written from scratch several times. The code for current version is found in this repo. Once in a stable state, the app will be available on Google Play.