Full C++ source code of "Starports: Space Defense" including the engine and tools
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What is this repository about?

This is the full source code to Starports Space Defense, a mobile 3D tower defense I made and released throughout 2014/2015

In addition to the game source, this includes the full game pipeline (engine, editor, and tools), which I developed from scratch on my free time, starting around January 2010. This engine is a continuation of VLAD Heavy Strike's engine.

Why make a game engine from scratch?

I've been interested in game development technology for a long time, even more than playing or making games. I made my university's thesis project about a Game Development Environment.

Non exhaustive list of Engine Features

Low Level:

  • Cross platform targets (PC / iOS / Android / Windows Phone 8)
  • 3D rendering using OpenGL, GLES2.0, and DirectX11
  • Memory allocation tracking (full leak & allocation reporting)
  • 3D Math library
  • File system abstraction
  • Network socket abstraction
  • Multi-threading abstraction
  • Touch and Key input abstraction
  • FBX and PNG support through fbxsdk and libpng
  • OGG and WAV support through cricket audio
  • Event system

High Level:

  • Object Model framework, with serialization, ref. counting, weak handles, and polymorphism support
  • Entity Component System (ECS)
  • Resource abstraction model
  • Generic entity hierarchy handling allowing to have 3D or 2D hierarchies, or both in the same tree
  • Quad-tree partitioning
  • Collision handling
  • Context stacking and switching

Tool Side:

  • WYSIWYG Game Editor for Game and Level design
  • The game can be played in the editor and game contexts can be inspected at run-time
  • ObjectViewer tool, allows to inspect all alive objects at any given time
  • DependencyViewer tool that displays reference and dependency information across objects
  • Data packaging tool for optimal data loading at runtime